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California ranks among one of the highest U.S. states with the most swimming pools, both private and public. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 3,000 drowning accidents in the United States every year and nearly four times that amount are involved in nonfatal drowning events. A nonfatal drowning incident may cause significant injuries, including permanent lung or brain damage to the victim. The effects of a nonfatal drowning incident are not always immediately apparent, so it is important to seek medical attention immediately. .

Causes of and Liability for Drowning Accidents

The number one cause of drowning is unsupervised children. Sadly, most of these cases occur under the supervision of a family member or friend.

When pool owners fail to take precautions to make their pool safe, they may be at fault for resulting injuries or drowning deaths.

Under premises liability law, property owners are required to keep any property they own safe for all who may step foot on it. It is no different for the owners of pools. There are precautions a pool owner can take to make his or her pool a safe place to swim, including installing barriers, gates, or fences to keep young children at a safe distance from the water. Also, door alarms can be useful to let a responsible adult know when someone enters the pool area. Furthermore, it is the job of the pool owner to post signs indicating water depth and to make sure all pool related equipment is in working order.

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