Erb’s Palsy/Paralysis

Erb’s Palsy/Paralysis

When your child has been the victim of a medical error that leads to permanent injury, then the last thing on your mind is a lawsuit - you simply want to learn how to make your child’s life a comfortable and enriching one. Erb’s Palsy can lead to huge medical bills over the child’s lifetime for treatment and therapy of  the injury. Erb’s Palsy can also severely affect the child’s future ability to be a wage earner.

Erb’s Palsy (Erb-Duchenne Palsy) is the paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the main nerve groupings that lead to the arm. The brachial plexus is a grouping of nerves fibers running from the spine to the shoulder that send signals from the brain to the shoulder, arm, and hand. Obstetric injuries (injuries during birth) of the brachial plexus may be caused by shoulder dystocia during a difficult childbirth. Shoulder Dystocia is a specific abnormality that happens after head delivery, and is caused when the shoulders are unable to pass through the pubic bone. During this obstetric emergency there are several options for medical professionals.

Shoulder Dystocia is relatively a rare phenomenon, occurring in less 1% of all births each year - but with rising birth weights rates it becomes much more frequent. Erb’s Palsy can be caused by excessive pulling on the shoulders during a head first delivery (vertex presentation).

The results of Erb’s Palsy can leave the affected limb in severe paralysis. Other common results are atrophy or severe impairment of the muscle ability of the arm. It is also common for the growth of the entire arm to be stunted, leaving the limb smaller and less developed than the unaffected arm.

Knowing the right attorney, who is knowledgeable in this type of medical malpractice, will not ease the pain and suffering caused by both the child and the parent, but will help with the medical bills and therapy that follow.

Our firm has helped medical malpractice victims obtain financial compensation for their injuries.  If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury as the result of the negligence of a doctor, hospital, nurse or other medical professional or facility, call our office today for a consultation.

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